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Why You Should Focus On Making Improvements To Birth Defect Compensation

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Birth Defect Attorneys

One in 33 babies is born with an injury or defect that occurs during birth. A compassionate and skilled birth defect lawyer can assist parents in seeking compensation for medical expenses, therapy and other costs associated with their child’s disability.

While doctors strive to be perfect However, negligence or mishaps can increase the risk of birth defects and injuries. A Boston birth defect lawsuits defect attorney can assist parents to recover damages.

Medical Malpractice

A medical condition that a child is suffering from at birth can result in devastating consequences for the entire family. These illnesses can be caused by medical negligence even though they are usually genetic. A Rochester birth injury lawyer can determine whether the medical professionals who were involved in the birth of your child exhibited medical negligence.

A doctor can commit medical malpractice if they fail to adhere to the professional standards of their field. This includes taking basic measures to avoid complications during labor and birth. A birth injury lawyer will examine every detail about your child’s case, including medical records and work with experts to determine if the doctors violated the standards of care.

Physical trauma can result in injuries that range from minor to life-threatening during a difficult delivery. However, a lot of these injuries can be avoided by doctors who adhere to appropriate medical procedures. In many cases, Birth defects these types of medical errors are the result of negligence or mistakes. The legal team at the Burton Law Group specializing in medical malpractice in Oklahoma has helped many grieving parents find what they really believe and secure the compensation they deserved for the injuries their child sustained. For more details on how we can help you, contact us today. The laws of the state where you reside establish deadlines, known as statutes within which you have to file a lawsuit against the defendant. The statutes differ based on the nature of the claim you are making (e.g. medical malpractice).

Defective Products

Parents want perfect babies and healthy children but medical negligence, carelessness or malpractice can increase the risk of birth defects. This could lead to wrongful death or permanent injury to the infant. A specialist lawyer for birth defects can help with a lawsuit against the responsible party or other parties.

Birth defect attorneys also investigate and prosecute cases that involve the wrongful exposure of pregnant women to harmful chemicals and substances at workplace or in their home environment. Studies have proven that a number of common industrial and household items and chemicals, such as pesticides and lead paint, fungicides and chemically treated sewage may increase the risk of birth defects in infants. A skilled attorney will fight companies that have exposed pregnant mothers to harmful chemicals or toxic substances during pregnancy. They can also seek financial compensation for their family.

Birth injury lawsuits that involve medical negligence are similar to other personal injury cases like car accidents and defective product claims. However, doctors and other medical professionals are required to adhere to a higher standard of care because of their education and the trust placed in them by patients. Many birth injury lawsuits could also be considered wrongful death suits if the child is severely disabled and requires ongoing care.

Prescription Drugs

Birth defects are serious conditions that affect the appearance or functionality of a specific part of the body. They can range from mild to severe and may significantly affect the health of infants. They can lead to serious mental, medical, and financial problems. In some instances, they could be fatal.

Many birth defects are genetic and caused by defects in the chromosomes of the father or mother. In certain cases, however, they can be linked to environmental factors. For instance, exposure to prescription drugs and toxins or substances that have a teratogenic effect.

A few commonly-used medications, such as the morning sickness drug Zofran anti-seizure drugs, including Topiramate and Valproate and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs) have been linked to a variety of birth defects. These include eye defects, limb defects, brain and spine cord defects, as well as other issues. Seizure medications have also been linked to miscarriages.

An attorney for birth defects can help parents determine if a child’s birth defects were due to a medication taken by the mother during her pregnancy. Doctors are required to prescribe only medications that are safe for use by pregnant women. They also have a duty to warn patients of possible dangers. If a doctor fails in this obligation, they may be held accountable for any birth injuries or birth defects that occur.

Environmental Exposure

birth defect lawsuits defects are alterations to the structure of one or more components of the body of a newborn. Although the majority of birth defects are genetic and develop in the mother’s womb, other causes can influence their development. Other causes include environmental toxins, medication taken during pregnancy by the mother as well as exposure to teratogenic chemicals or drugs. These cases require the help of experienced, dedicated birth defect attorneys.

A birth defect lawyer can help the family file a lawsuit against a physician, drug manufacturer or other person or entity that is accountable for the birth defect. If a medical procedure or medication, or exposure of toxic substances are the reason for Birth Defects birth defects, then the doctor, the drug maker or other entity can be held accountable.

Waters Kraus & Paul handles complex cases involving birth defects caused by exposure to environmental toxic chemicals, toxins and industrial solvents as well as prescription drugs. A partner in the firm, David Strouss has prosecuted some of the country’s first birth defects lawsuits arising from exposure of parents to industrial solvents (such as glycol ethers) and has also handled cases involving agricultural workers and residents who were impacted by spraying or drifting pesticides. Other partners in the firm, Ilana Waxman and Evan Hoffman focus on environmental contamination, which includes cases involving asbestos, toxic tort and whistleblower lawsuits.

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