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Twenty Myths About Volkswagen Key Cutting: Busted

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How to Deal With Lost Car Keys and Fobs

If you’ve lost your Volkswagen key, it might be tempting to buy an online replacement or from an auto parts store. If you’re not dealing with a reputable Volkswagen locksmith and the replacement keys don’t work.

Most modern VWs use a remote or an intelligent “fob key” to turn on the car. These keys must be encoded and this can only be done at an auto or dealer locksmith.

Lost Keys

A Volkswagen is one of the most popular cars on the road. Volkswagen makes everything from modern cars to classics such as the Beetle or Microbus. Unfortunately even the most sophisticated, “smart” VW keys are susceptible to being lost or damaged. Whatever sturdy they appear they’re made of the same flimsy plastic and thin metal as any other key.

You might think your only option in case you lose your Volkswagen key is to go to the dealer and pay for another one. This is not always the case. It is possible to get a new key cut for a much less cost by an automotive locksmith. A locksmith can also cut a Volkswagen Key without your vehicle being at their shop, if you possess the VIN number of your vehicle. (VIN).

If your volkswagen keys made has a fob remote “push to start” intelligent key, it needs to be coded in order to function. You can program your new key fob using an existing spare key fob. First you must lock the door to the driver’s room and close the rest of the doors. Then then, press the unlock button on your spare key fob five times in a row with approximately a second interval. This will cause your car key apple volkswagen (’s horn honk and start the process of programming. After 6 seconds, you can remove your spare key and shut off the ignition to complete the program.

Damaged Keys

Sometimes, you may be able to tell that your key fob is not working properly. This may be because the battery is depleted or there’s a different issue. You should replace the battery in the key fob immediately if you wish to prevent this. You will save money and time in the long term.

If your Volkswagen key won’t turn in the ignition, it could mean that there’s a problem within the ignition system itself. This is because the keys are inserted and rotated so many times, that small parts in the ignition can seize up.

Luckily it’s a simple fix. You’ll need a spare key case (which is sold separately from your VW key) and the key code for your vehicle. You can find the key code for your vehicle by going to the dealer or searching on the internet. You’ll need to bring a couple of documents to prove ownership.

Contact an Volkswagen dealership or locksmith as soon as you notice your key is damaged. They will be able to order new keys and program it to your car. They’ll probably need your VIN as well as other documents such as your registration, title or ID. If you are unable to provide these documents it will be more difficult for them in order to give you an additional key.

Locked Outside Your Car

If you have lost your keys, there are steps you can take before the situation turns into a catastrophe. First, you must have a designated place to keep your car keys once you get home. This should be a place that you can easily see it. This will help you avoid not noticing it and putting it in a difficult to find location, such as a pocket on your door in which you could forget about it or not find it when you need it.

Immobilisers are used in most modern VW vehicles to prevent the engine from starting when the wrong key was used. To achieve this, the key contains a microchip inside it that responds to a specific signal sent by the vehicle’s computer. If the chip is unable to receive the correct response, it’ll stop the engine from starting, and may even shut off immediately.

You can solve this problem by purchasing a new Volkswagen key remote or key fob from a retailer or third party locksmith. You will need to take the vehicle to the dealer to get the key programmed. This is time-consuming and costly, especially if your car is located far from home. An alternative is to hire an expert mobile locksmith to do the work for you.

Key Replacement

If you lose your keys or if they’re stolen, having a spare set of keys can save you from a lot of stress. The hassle of calling the dealer for a new key is costly and time-consuming. Locksmiths can offer a better solution. They can program and cut a new Volkswagen key, which will allow you to return to your vehicle quicker.

If your key fob is acting up it may be time for an upgrade to the battery. This is particularly relevant if it takes several clicks to unlock your Volkswagen car or if the key fob doesn’t turn on at all. It is important to keep in mind that you should always have a spare keys even if your VW features a smart remote or a keyless entry system. That way, if something happens to your main key, you can still drive home.

If you’re in search of a Volkswagen key replacement, ensure that the locksmith you call has a transponder cutter. This is crucial because many modern Volkswagen keys have chips that need to be coded for the vehicle to be started. Some volkswagen polo key dealers do not keep records on older cars so you may have to bring your car in to have it recoded if you lose your car key. A locksmith can identify the correct key for your Volkswagen by using the VIN.

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