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The Ultimate Glossary Of Terms For Samsung Fridge

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Samsung Fridge Freezer Graphite – Amidagroup.Ir

The RF23A9675 features a sleek modern design and customizable panel colors, including a fingerprint-resistant finish. It comes in a 29-cubic-foot full-depth version and a shallower counter-depth model that is 23 cubic feet.

The fridge is equipped with a digital inverter compressor that ensures a consistent temperature and reduces wear and tear. It has a lower storage capacity that can be converted to give you additional freezer space or refrigerator space.

Easy Slide Shelf

Easy Slide Shelf allows you to quickly access items in the back of your fridge. This way, you can easily access a sauce jar or a pack of frozen vegetables without removing everything in front of them. This makes it easy to keep your food items well-stocked and avoid having to defrost the freezer.

With the Digital Inverter Compressor this refrigerator provides efficient and reliable cooling performance. The compressor adapts to your cooling needs, reducing the use of energy and wear and tear. This feature also helps to maintain a an even temperature throughout the refrigerator. This feature also eliminates the need to manually defrost, which can be difficult and lead to ice build-up up on shelves.

This refrigerator also has a water dispenser that provides fresh, cold water whenever needed. It is also energy efficient and can be tucked away in small spaces, making it a great option for apartment dwellers.

This freestanding refrigerator can hold a capacity of 203 cubic liters. It can store plenty of food items and beverages. Its compact design allows it to be easily incorporated into different kitchen layouts. Its reversible door allows flexibility in terms of placement.

Full Open Box

The Full Open Box is designed with a greater opening than conventional freezer drawers to make it easier to arrange and remove items, even bulky foods like a 3-gallon tub of ice cream. The drawer extends out all the way to maximize space and opens easily even when the refrigerator’s door is open 90 degrees.

True No Frost technology eliminates the need to defrost your fridge or freezer. This saves your time and energy. The Digital Inverter Compressor adjusts to cooling needs, reducing energy usage and increasing durability.

Storage options include adjustable shelves as well as salad crisper. Egg racks, wine racks tray and dairy compartment can be adjusted to your shopping routine. With Multi Flow Cooling, each shelf and compartment is uniformly chilled, ensuring that food lasts longer.

Store fresh fruits and veggies in the MoistFresh Zone to keep them fresh and healthy. The drawer has a secure seal that releases moisture when required, and carbon filters that deodorize to ensure that food smells fresh.

Digital Inverter Compressor

This samsung side by side fridge freezer uk American fridge freezer graphite comes with a Digital Inverter Compressor that adjusts power and speeds to match cooling needs, unlike regular compressors that are either off or on. This technology uses less energy and is quiet.

It is easy to preserve your favorite food items with the innovative True No Frost feature. This will ensure even cooling to prevent ice build-up for easier maintenance and a longer lifespan for the compressor. The Smart Deodorizer circulates air through Activated Carbon to keep your refrigerator fresher and less bad odours.

Smart View is a simple feature that lets you monitor and organize the contents of your fridge freezer samsung. The simple interface displays the temperature of each shelf with sensors that adjust to your needs for food. You can also easily see when it’s time to replace the filter by using its helpful notification alert.

Big Guard

The Big Guard is deeper and larger than shelves in conventional fridges, allowing you to store larger containers of juice and milk and two rows of cans and bottles. Perfect for busy households.

We’ve designed the freezer drawers to be easy to open with little effort, even when you’re carrying full bags of shopping or a large platter of food. They are equipped with EZ Open handles that can be opened with only a single pull.

With Twin Cooling Plus, your food will stay fresher for longer with separate air flows and precise temperature control. It keeps food odours separated and stops your favorite cheese from turning rubbery, or your wilting veggies from becoming stale. This way, they’ll taste their best and last longer. And the Top LED is brighter than conventional Samsung LEDs and is more efficient in energy use.


The Top LED is more bright than a typical light bulb for your refrigerator, which helps you be able to see your food items. It also consumes less power, saving you money on electric bills.

When it is activated when the freezer is turned on, the LED illuminates on the freezer to show the current temperature and lets you choose between -15degC or -23degC. The symbol resembles an insulated two-prong plug, similar to the kind you’d find on a shaving machine and is connected to the Freezer button on the control panel, so you can easily choose the temperature that is ideal for you when you require it.

This refrigerator freezer is safe to operate by using either 127V or 220V power outlets. It has an inbuilt power stabilizer that protects it against voltage fluctuations.

Connect the refrigerator to your home Wi-Fi network, and use the SmartThings app* to monitor and alter the settings. The app will even alert you when the door is open and you don’t lose track of what’s inside. Now it’s more convenient than ever to keep your family healthy. The compact Net Dimensions and No Frost technology make this Samsung fridge freezer perfect for smaller kitchens. The digital inverter compressor with a 10-year warranty provides long-lasting and reliable cooling performance. The uniform cooling system ensures delicious freshness for all your foods and drinks.

Energy Saver Mode

Effortlessly cool yourself with this sophisticated Samsung Fridge Freezer that has a brushed graphite finish. It keeps your food in perfect condition because its Total No Frost technology prevents the build-up of ice. Additionally the Digital Inverter Compressor adapts to the demands of cooling, reducing wear and energy consumption.

This American refrigerator freezer features large dimensions that make it easier to organize and locate items. It also features an internal display that’s compliant with ADA standards and makes it easy for anyone to use.

SpaceMax technology lets us pack more storage into less space. This means that you can fit larger containers of food and drinks. Furthermore, it’s ENERGY STAR certified to help reduce your energy bills.

Curd Maestro, which is a feature of our RS52N3313SA/EU fridge, helps you make fresh curd on a healthy and hygienic basis. It also has the Power Freeze feature, which reduces the temperature quickly after you add food items. This lets them be stored safely.

Vacation Mode

This feature shuts down the fridge, and leaves the freezer active and is useful if you’re planning to travel for a fortnight. It can help reduce the energy use while making sure that food stays cold enough to stop the growth of bacteria. This feature may not be available on all models. Check the user manual of your product for more details.

Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus ™ is a fan that cools each chamber separately. This helps reduce temperature fluctuations, and stops odours from spreading between chambers. Your foods will stay in top condition.

All Samsung refrigerators are equipped with frost-free technology, which is good for the environment and for your food. This means that you don’t have to worry about manually defrosting and it also helps keep your food fresh as frozen ice crystals can alter the taste of fresh produce.

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