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The Three Greatest Moments In Birth Defect Attorney History

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A Birth Defect Attorney Can Help Parents Get the Compensation They Deserve

Parents of children who have birth defects may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses as well as lost income and suffering and pain. A reputable birth defect lawyer will help the victims receive the justice they deserve.

A top birth defect law firm is able to represent families with children suffering from lips clefts or missing limbs, as well as other mental and physical disabilities. These ailments can be caused by prescription drugs and exposure to toxic chemicals, and many other causes.

Medical Malpractice

A medical professional often will pass off an incident that leads to a birth defect or injury as genetic or unavoidable due to the lack of scientific understanding. If a parent discovers their child was injured because of an anomaly in the birth or injury caused by medical negligence they may file a lawsuit for compensation. A lawyer with expertise in birth injuries and medical malpractice OKC can help parents get their families the right compensation they deserve.

Medical malpractice cases can be very complex and require extensive documentation and investigation. It is essential to hold on to medical receipts, insurance bills as well as notes or diagnoses from appointments, test results and any other documentation you may have. These documents are crucial in showing negligence by a medical professional or pharmaceutical company, or any other parties.

It is crucial to know the distinction between a medical malpractice case and a birth defect. Birth defects are physical abnormalities that can occur during pregnancy. Examples include cleft lips, palates and spina bifida. These kinds of problems can be prevented in some instances however, most of the time they are inherited in the fetus’ genes or caused by environmental factors like alcohol consumption and drinking. Birth defects cases are more complicated.

Defective Drugs

Birth defects can result from defective drugs in many ways. If a mother has taken any medication during pregnancy that is proven to cause birth defects, she may be entitled compensation from the manufacturer of the drug. Thalidomide was first sold in West Germany as a treatment for insomnia, anxiety and gastritis. Later, it was discovered that the drug can pass through the placental membrane, causing harm to the developing foetus, resulting in horrific birth defects.

Pharmaceutical companies must inform doctors and the general public about the risks associated with certain drugs before they are given to pregnant women. If this is not done, the drug maker may be held responsible for any birth defect. In these cases an action against the manufacturer of the drug could be appropriate.

Get legal advice as soon as possible if you believe that the birth defect of your child is the result of medical malpractice, environmental risks or a mishap with a medication during pregnancy. Get in touch with a knowledgeable Orange County birth defect attorney to begin the process of determining who is accountable and filing a claim against them. Gather all the evidence you can include, including receipts, bills and credit card statements. Your lawyer will be able to identify the cause of your child’s birth defect and ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Many birth defects are caused by a mother’s exposure to toxic or chemical substances during her pregnancy. It can happen at the workplace or at home. Teratogenic chemicals can trigger dangerous chemical reactions within a fetus. The exposure can happen through direct contact, ingestion, or by breathing contaminated air. A birth defect lawyer can assist parents seek compensation from third parties in the case that their child suffers from a birth defect that was chemically related.

A toxic chemical is present in many parts of the environment, including drinking water, household cleaners, and pesticides. A birth defect attorney can also pursue a case against employers who expose mothers to dangerous substances at work, which could cause birth defects. Examples of this include a woman’s exposure to paints, solvents metal cleaning products, and the chemicals used in the manufacture of electronic chips.

Our birth defect attorneys have represented children with toxic chemical-related birth defects. We have worked with leading experts in the fields of medicine and science, including embryologists, epidemiologists, toxicologists and occupational medicine physicians. Our lawyers have extensive experience in appellate cases and have represented clients in federal appeals courts across eight states, as well as the Supreme Court of Texas. Our clients’ claims have been valued at the millions of dollars. We are committed to obtaining the highest amount of recovery for our clients.

Product Liability

While the majority of birth defects are genetic and unavoidable, there are some that may have been caused by negligence during pregnancy or during the delivery process. If you believe your child’s birth defect was the result of an error by a medical professional, you may be able to recover damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

A licensed birth defect lawyer can assist you in determining whether you’re eligible to file a claim to be compensated. They will look into the circumstances surrounding the condition of your child and determine whether or not medical professionals involved have met the accepted standards of care in their field of expertise. They will also investigate any damages related to the birth defect, and any damages you could be entitled to.

If your baby was born without a birth defect or suffered a traumatic injury during birth You may be entitled to compensation. This could include medical expenses funeral costs along with pain and suffering, and other losses. With the assistance of a birth defect attorney you can hold responsible parties accountable and receive the compensation you’re entitled to. If you have questions about the process of filing a birth defect lawsuit, get in touch with an experienced Orange County birth defect attorney to schedule a free consultation.

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