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The Inside Track on Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Design That Elevate Your Kitchen Game

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So, you’re thinking of giving a new look to your kitchen perhaps? How better to begin than to concentrate on your kitchen cabinet design. Kitchen cabinets, my friend can be the difference between enhancing or breaking the atmosphere of your kitchen. Here’s the facts on why they’re crucial for as well as functionality and style you kitchen design.

For starters, your kitchen cabinet design and your overall kitchen design have to work together. Imagine your cabinets as part of a group; they have to be in tune with the rest of the kitchen–modern vintage, traditional or something in between.

There’s scientific evidence in interior design and interior design that suggests that the placement of cabinets can influence the size (or large) your kitchen feels. A study published in The Journal of Interior Design found that if cabinets mesh well with the other elements of the kitchen the kitchen appears bigger and more welcoming. Cool, right?

Now, let’s chat colors. The cabinet’s color can entirely alter the mood to your kitchen. If you’re wanting more of a breezy and light feel cabinetry that is light in color is the best choice. If you’re looking to create an rich and cozy atmosphere opt for darker hues. According to an Houzz survey, white cabinets are still an option of choice but two-tone designs are also getting some appreciation.

A kitchen has to be more than that. It’s necessary to work properly as well. This is where some technological things come in. It’s the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is a set of guidelines on the ideal dimensions and arrangement of cabinets in order to ensure that they are as user-friendly as they can be. In other words, based on what the items you’re going to store, you’ll want deep drawers for large containers, or glass-fronted cabinets so you can showcase your gorgeous glassware.

Then there’s the issue of space. Innovative kitchen cabinet designs are a great way to make the most of your storage. A study in Ergonomics even suggests that floor-to-ceiling cabinets are great for alleviating strain on the body and improving accessibility.

Material choice is also super important. The durability of your cabinets and look are dependent on the materials utilized. Solid wood can give a nice look and is robust but can be expensive. MDF is a more cost-effective option and mimics the look of real wood, but it may not stand up to humidity.

In the end It’s the small things that are important. The hardware you choose–handles knobs, and pulls–can bring your whole look together. And here’s a fun fact research shows that those small things, like the shape and finish of the cabinet hardware, may affect the way you view an area in your kitchen space.

So there you have it, kitchen cabinet design is full of fashion as well as practical considerations and some truly fascinating science. When you’re tackling your kitchen design adventure, remember to have fun with it because your kitchen is a reflection of you – it’s the space you choose, with your own rules. Make sure you create the kitchen you love as much as you!

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