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The 12 Most Popular Medical Malpractice Law Accounts To Follow On Twitter

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Why You Need a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A little falls medical malpractice lawsuit malpractice lawyer can help injured patients receive compensation for their losses. The common law system governs medical malpractice claims.

In common law, doctors are required to adhere to a certain level of care when treating patients. If a doctor does not adhere to accepted medical practice and causes injury or death, then he could be held liable for negligence.

Duty of Care

Medical professionals must adhere to a set of standards that are recognized by the medical profession as reasonable and prudent in their healthcare. A patient may be able to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice if the standards aren’t followed and the failure results in injuries or health issues.

The first element of a malpractice claim involves establishing that you had an arrangement with a doctor-patient healthcare provider at issue and that the entity or person owed you a duty to act with reasonable care. The next step is to prove that the breach occurred. This is usually done by the use of expert testimony which can provide an objective analysis and evaluation.

This expert witness will determine if the defendant’s actions fell below the standard of care that is accepted in your particular circumstance. To enable the expert to make this decision they must be able review your medical records and conduct an examination or interview of you.

You must be able to show that the breach directly led to your injury. Causation is a third element in a malpractice claim. In most cases, you will require an exact cause-and-effect link between the breach of duty and the subsequent injury. A misdiagnosis, for example may result in prescribing the wrong medication or treatment being administered. This could cause an adverse reaction, such as a heart attack.

Breach of Duty

Like all doctors medical professionals, doctors are under a legal obligation to exercise the utmost care and caution. However, doctors are held to a more stringent standard because they are medical experts and deal with life and death decisions. The obligation of care is found in the regulations and laws for certain types of treatments and procedures.

One of the most important elements that needs to be established in a negligence claim is that the defendant was bound by a duty of care to the plaintiff. It must be established that the defendant breached this duty of care. This means that the doctor did not meet the standard of care in the particular situation. The standard of care is typically defined by what an average person would do under similar situations. For instance the reasonable driver wouldn’t run a red light.

In a malpractice case experts could be required to testify about the standard of care that was violated and how this standard was violated. They can also explain the cause of the injury and explain how they could have prevented it from happening.


Physicians in the United States are required to carry malpractice insurance to cover the risk of losses resulting from medical negligence. To be able to file a claim the plaintiff must demonstrate both financial losses (such medical expenses and lost wages) and noneconomic losses (such suffering and pain).

The amount you are awarded from a successful malpractice lawsuit is contingent on how your New York medical malpractice lawyer defends your losses. Your attorney will be able to establish the medically necessary expenses through a thorough review of your medical records, the testimony of experts and the use of economic experts. In order to prove your loss of earnings your cloquet medical malpractice lawyer malpractice lawyer has to show the number of times you were absent from work due to your medical condition and also the fact that these days off work resulted from the defendant’s negligence.

The non-economic loss can be more difficult to prove and could require the help of a professional who will be able to testify about your physical, emotional and mental pain as a result of negligent actions of the defendant. Loss of consortium is a different type of non-economic harm. It is the inability to have an intimate, sexual relationship with your spouse or any other significant person like you once did. The lawyer representing the defendant may challenge your noneconomic damages by way of interrogatories and depositions as well as requests for documents and sworn declarations.

Statute of limitations

In New York, as with every state, there are definite deadlines – commonly referred to as statutes of limitation within which a medical malpractice lawsuit must be filed or otherwise it will be rejected by the courts. An experienced New York medical malpractice lawyer is well-versed in these details and will ensure that your case is filed within the deadlines set by law.

In most cases, a victim of medical malpractice must bring a lawsuit within two and a half years of the date that the negligence or act of a healthcare professional resulted in the death or injury. However as with all laws there are a few exceptions to this rule. If, for instance the error of the health professional was part of a ongoing course of treatment, then the “clock” of 30 months will not begin until the treatment is completed or the patient has been informed of the diagnosis.

In certain instances patients may not be aware of the issue until a long time later, for example, if a foreign body remains within the body after surgery or treatment. To tackle this issue, the majority of states have implemented the discovery rule. This allows injured victims in certain circumstances to extend their timeframes. Your lawyer will be aware of the specific laws of your state and will carefully look over your case’s timeline in order to ensure that there are no administrative mistakes that could impede your claim.

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