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See What Sleeper Sectional With Storage Tricks The Celebs Are Making Use Of

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Buying a Sectional Sofa With Storage

A sectional sofa with storage allows you to keep your living area tidy and neat while hosting overnight guests. The futon-style sleeper sectional features sleek track arms and a cream-toned upholstery that blends with modern farmhouse and contemporary designs.

It has a queen-size innerspring mattress that comes in several options for customization, including color and fabric. Choose children and pet-friendly performance fabrics to suit your family’s busy schedule.


Some sectionals come in two large pieces, however others are modular and re-configurable. If you need a large sectional, but need to squeeze it through narrow doors, corners, or hallways, or you need to get it through the stairs and elevator of your building (if appropriate) You can select from these modular options. They ship in multiple boxes that you can assemble on the spot.

If you’re looking for a way to impress houseguests or host a sleepover for teens or even make room for a little one, these convertible sectionals can do it all. Store blankets and sheets neatly out of sight in the chaise lounge storage compartments and take out a full or twin-sized mattress to host overnight guests at a moment’s notice. Choose from a wide array of fabrics, styles, and customizeable features to find the right one for your home.


If you love the look of a sofa sectional but do not have a big home or are only hosting occasional overnight guests, think about a twin sleeper sectional. It is small enough to fit into nearly any space and the mattress is slightly larger than a twin bed. This makes it a comfortable spot for guests to lay down. Certain sectionals also come with a storage chaise that can keep pillows and bedding ready for sudden overnight houseguests. There are other options, such as a U-shaped modular sectional which reconfigures into a full-sized mattress and comes in seven separate boxes you assemble on site, which can be easier to get through narrow hallways and tight corners.

Many sectionals that convert have a firmer feel than traditional sofas. This is great if you’re looking to give your guests a great night of sleep. Certain sectionals have different cushion firmnesses, so you can pick the level of comfort you prefer.


When choosing a sleeper sofa sectional, make sure that the mattress is comfortable for your guests. If you’re able, opt for an option with a traditional pull out mattress instead of a futon style mechanism. Also, note that sectionals with converters tend to be more rigid than other types of sofas (though we’ve included a few of them on this list), as they’re made to accommodate sleeping couch and sofa guests.

This stylish sectional is influenced by the mid-century design. It has an adjustable lounge, built-in storage and a pull-out bed for unexpected guests. Keep blankets and bedding easily accessible in the large chaise lounge storage section and place the queen-sized mattress away from view when not in use. West Elm has it for $4,478plus.


If you want to incorporate a sleeper sectional into your living room, search for one that offers ample storage. This makes it easy to stow pillows, blankets, sheets and blankets for guests. Some Sleeper sectional With storage ( sectionals come with a chaise lounge with storage built in as well as a large storage table or ottoman that can serve as a footrest. The Habitrio sectional, for example has a sofa that comes with a queen-sized pull-out mattress and two ottomans which can be moved to fit your space.

You can also find king-sized sofa beds. Pick the size of your sectional sofa depending on the purpose for which it’s intended. If you’re planning to host couples frequently the queen-sized sectional is best. If you’ll mostly use the couch to sit and occasionally host friends or family then a sleeper that is full-sized is sufficient.

When you are looking for a sectional with a sleeper, design is a different aspect to consider. Many sleeper sectionals lean contemporary, but you can also find some with more of a casual vibe. If you are looking for an uncluttered, minimalist design think about a modern sectional with a minimalist silhouette and neutral colors. If you like a more relaxed, cozy style, choose a casual sectional. It will come with plush cushions and relaxed edges.

If you’re on a budget and want to save money, a sleeper sectional like the Lilola Home Lucca offers plenty of seating for guests and comes with a storage chaise that keeps bedding at the ready. The durable linen-blend upholstery is comfortable and stylish for the cost. It’s also easy to clean and is resistant to dirt and stains. This is an important characteristic of a sleeper couch with storage that’s designed for families who are active.

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