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How To Outsmart Your Boss On Counter Strike Global

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Counter Strike Global Offensive 2

Counter strike global offensive 2 is a major upgrade to the current game. Valve is bringing the cult FPS to their newer Source 2 engine.

Touchstone maps have minor changes to the lighting and readability and Upgraded maps receive a complete overhaul using Source 2’s physically-based rendering.

Several gameplay improvements are also in the works and include sub-tick changes that will reduce the need for tick rates to calculate precision actions.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the most recent installment in the wildly popular Counter-Strike franchise, has the same gameplay which has established the genre. It was created using Valve’s Source 2 Engine and features high-resolution textures and real-time lighting. It’s been updated with a variety of new weapons and other gameplay elements.

The game comes with 34 weapons among which 19 are exclusive to this new version. A lot of them are replacements for older weapons, while others have been redesigned to have distinct functions and characteristics.

The most significant changes to the game are focused on the weapons. For instance, the SCAR-L is now replaced with a new gun that has more power and range as well as the AK-128 has been upgraded with a new barrel to ensure better accuracy. Many other guns are being tweaked too, including the M4A1 and the sniper rifles.

A number of the maps have been revamped for CS:GO 2. Overpass has been overhauled to take advantage of the new Source 2 engine, while other maps such as Dust II have been carefully updated. The game will also come with numerous new features, in addition to the new map. For example the game’s interface has been updated and a new Item Workshop will allow players to create their own items.

Another major change is the game’s Faction system. While the first version of the game had players choose between two factions, Counter-Strike 2 will offer a variety of different T and CT models to pick from. The server’s design is now based on sub-ticks to update. This means that servers are able to evaluate the world at very short intervals such as when a player moves or fires guns.

Since its release in 2012, CS:GO has become one of the most played games on Steam with an estimated 11 million gamers playing every month. It also has a robust community of esports, with teams competing in numerous leagues and tournaments. The Valve-sponsored Major Championships are the most notable, where top teams compete for huge prize pools.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a game focused on armed combat and with 35 weapons to pick from players have a wide range of options when it comes to picking out their primary weapon. The equipment used by players, such as armor, a defuse kit for CTs and grenades for terrorists, also play an important role in the overall strategy of the game.

Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses of its own. The AWP is a good example. It is a fantastic weapon for snipers that can destroy armored enemies up to the knees however it can be costly and has a slower firing rate. The SCAR-20 is, in contrast, a rifle with high scoped accuracy, but it also takes ages to reload and could dramatically reduce a player’s movement speed.

The new weapons in CSGO have some modifications to how they look. For example the HE grenade now explodes in a more realistic way and the smoke from molotov cocktail or incendiary grenades appears more realistic. This makes it easier to track down players.

The weapons in CS:GO are able to be purchased from the buy zone located at the designated spawn point. Besides pistols and knives players can also purchase any other weapon in the game using in-game currency. Players can spend money to upgrade weapons. A new buy menu has been added in the game, which offers players an easier shopping experience.

A few months after the game’s release, Valve released a few modifications to improve the playability of the game. Some of the most notable changes concern the chat system in the game, which has been updated to stop offensive messages and spam. Additionally, the UI for purchasing items has been redesigned and now utilizes a grid layout.

The game was also enhanced with the addition of a new anti-cheat system that includes spectating and an exclusion system. The team that loses the game will be penalized, but those who commit a crime will be banned. Valve has also introduced a few gameplay adjustments to the game to make it more enjoyable.


The Counter-Strike franchise is known for its maps and the expertise required to master the game. Each map takes years or even decades of work to create the pinnacle of first-person shooter design for competitive play. The maps in reserve and active pools are the most important aspect of the game to learn because they will help you understand the mechanics better and give you more tools to play it.

Mirage was introduced by Valve in 2013 and is a well-loved CSGO Map that is part of the Active Pool. Mirage is renowned for its balance between both sides of the battle and high ceilings of skill for teams that want to practice their coordination. The map is also a staple of esports events as well as major championships in CSGO.

Nuke is a classic CSGO defusal map, Counter Strike Global Offensive which is well-liked by casual as well as professional players. The map has seen a few modifications over the years, but it remains one of the most complex tactical maps available in the game. The map’s unique layout demands that you think about every angle and has more ways to beat your opponent than any other map.

Overpass is a more recent CSGO map that was released in the Winter Offensive update in 2013. Its popularity has risen since its introduction, and it has made appearances in major championships and Esports events. It is a small map that is packed with choices, skins from the sprawling outside on A site to the tight corners of B site.

Vertigo is now part of the CSGO Active pool for 2019 and has impressed all who have played it. It has replaced one of the most adored CSGO maps, but it has been well-loved by the community. The map is slightly CT-sided, but this doesn’t prevent it from being a solid choice in the majority of queues. Canals run through this map, which is another appealing feature. The canals are a great addition to the map, which makes it standout from other CSGO Maps that are heavy on outsides.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still in good shape ten years after it’s release, but the 2012 first-person shooter that was multiplayer tactical was in need of a major update. Valve confirmed today that the Source 2 beta test for CS:GO has started. Fans have waited for a long while for this limited test. The studio has promised the “largest technological advancement for the CS:GO game” by overhauling every aspect of the game.

The most notable change to the game is the switch to Source 2, a graphics engine that offers an immersive and realistic visual experience. New lighting particles, particle systems and counter strike global offensive a greater focus on making bullets readable from the distance are all a parts of this. The switch to the latest engine also led to that several maps have been redesigned which include a revamped version of Italy and Overpass.

Most importantly, though, Valve’s upgrade is meant to improve the way that the server’s architecture and tick rate manage the actions of players. The switch to 128-tick server architecture should improve both the responsiveness as well as the graphic quality of the game. Valve promises that the change will be a “remarkable improvement” and will allow CS:GO to feel more responsive than before.

In addition to the visual changes, players can expect a number of other game-play enhancements. For instance smoke grenades will appear as 3D volumetric objects in the game’s world and can be moved around to temporarily shape sightlines. Valve is also claiming that the change to the game’s server structure will allow sub-tick updates which will be able to calculate precise actions between ticks and provide an easier experience.

The limited test will be only available to select players, based on a variety of factors such as recent playtime, and Steam account standing. Valve states that any cosmetics you’ve collected in the current version of CS:GO will be transferred to the updated version of the game when it launches this summer. Esports Insider has reached out to BLAST the largest CS:GO tournament organizer, to determine whether they plan to offer an older version of the game to its leagues until the next update is made available.

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