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Don't Buy Into These "Trends" Concerning Auto Accident Attorneys

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What You Get From an Auto Accident Settlement

The amount of money you receive from a settlement agreement for a car crash will depend on the extent of your injuries. Medical bills are higher for injuries that are more severe.

Documenting your losses will help maximize your settlement. Your lawyer can prepare the list of all relevant damages that includes doctors’ notes, wage documents, and eyewitness testimony.

Medical bills

Medical bills are often the first thing people consider when they are injured in a car crash. In most personal injury cases, the law will cover these costs. However, it can take months or even years before the at-fault motorist is found to be responsible through an agreement with a judge or a settlement agreement. In the meantime, Auto Accident Lawsuit victims are able to accrue medical bills that must be paid.

Car accident injuries usually require extensive medical treatment that includes surgery as well as physical therapy. The medical bills that result can be substantial. It is essential for victims to know that they should not have to bear the cost of their own medical bills following an accident, and that the driver who caused the crash should be accountable for settling them as part of the settlement they received for their accident.

In some instances, the at-fault party will cover the medical bills of the victim directly. In other instances the victim’s health insurance plan or med-pay policy will pay for these costs as they accumulate. Based on the situation of the victim and the type of insurance coverage, these expenses can be covered under rolling claims.

In some cases the hospital or health insurance provider could make a lien against a portion of a settlement for a victim. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can help negotiate these liens in order to ensure that more money is put in the victim’s pocket.

Loss of wages

A car accident could cause a major impact on your finances. It is also possible to pay lost earnings due to your injuries, in addition to medical bills and property damage. New York law requires that your car insurance policy compensate you for income loss up to a certain amount. Your lawyer will fight to secure the full amount of your lost wages.

The most commonly used method to prove lost earnings is to submit your pay checks or other wage documents. If you were self-employed, or worked on commission, the other relevant documents include profit and loss statements, receipts, invoices, bank statements, and other financial correspondence. It is also crucial to have an official letter from your employer that substantiates the amount of time you missed due to your injury.

If you suffer from a permanent injury that restricts your ability to work or stops you from working The lawyer can refer you to an expert financial or economic expert to determine the future worth of your earnings potential. In this instance the expert will analyze your age, education level and qualifications, as well as your career path, and job tasks you are no longer able to perform.

At Michaels Bersani Kalabanka, our Syracuse car accident lawyers often encounter clients who have been severely injured in accidents and no longer work. Not only do they have the right to compensation for lost wages resulting from accidents that were not their fault, but they may be able to obtain additional compensation through the insurance company of the driver or car owner who was responsible.

Suffering and pain

After a crash, car victims of accidents should be compensated for their emotional trauma and pain. But, since emotional stress as well as physical pain cannot be captured in a photo or documented by x-rays insurance companies often deny these losses. This is why it’s essential to have a professional personal injury lawyer to represent you when dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Your Queens injury lawyer can assist you gather evidence to back your claim. For instance, the victim’s medical bills or written formal diagnoses can establish the severity of their injuries. A diary or journal that starts on the date of an accident and continues throughout the healing process, can record physical and emotional discomfort as well as emotional turmoil.

The degree of your injuries will also affect the amount you receive. A spinal cord injury or a serious head trauma, for example could result in a larger settlement than a minor strain that heals in three weeks.

The amount you pay for your auto accident law firms accident will be impacted by the value of your injuries. Your lawyer will assist in the calculation of your damages and in building an argument that is strong enough for you to get the full amount you are entitled to. To learn more about the types of damages awarded in the course of a New York auto accident lawsuit, contact an experienced attorney.


As we’ve discussed earlier, settlement awards are intended to compensate car accident victims for their financial losses. The amount of compensation awarded will depend on the severity and degree of the victim’s injuries, in addition to the amount of loss they have suffered because of their absence from work or property damage.

A verdict can also include non-economic damages such as suffering and pain. These damages aren’t quantifiable, however, insurance companies employ a formula to determine much to pay for these kinds of damages. To determine the amount of settlement for noneconomic damages, a multiplier is usually based on medical costs. Major injuries and permanent impairments are usually rewarded with higher amounts than minor or temporary injuries.

A car accident is an incredibly stressful experience that can change your life. The amount of settlement will not erase these losses but it can help victims overcome their financial issues and return to normalcy.

A car accident lawyer with experience will know how to evaluate your case and advocate for an amount as likely to be as high as it can be. While it can be tempting to settle for a lesser amount than you’re entitled to but doing so could jeopardize your future recovery. If you sign a settlement agreement, you are reneging on the option to file additional claims or seek justice for any additional losses related to the accident.

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