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Are You Responsible For A Birth Injury Lawsuit Budget? 10 Very Bad Ways To Invest Your Money

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Birth Injury Litigation

Medical negligence during the delivery process and labor can cause serious birth injuries to infants. These injuries can have a long-lasting impact on the child as well as their family.

A successful lawsuit can pay for future and present medical expenses as well as lost wages, and other damages. A successful lawsuit could take years to reach.


Despite the amazing advances in medical technology however, childbirth remains an extremely risky process. Babies and mothers expect doctors to behave with professionalism and avoid mistakes which could have long-lasting consequences. If your baby suffered an injury that was caused by carelessness of a doctor or hospital You may wish to speak with a New York birth injury lawyer to see what legal recourses you have.

A successful claim for birth-related injuries can result in financial compensation. This could cover the medical costs of the present and future as well as lost earnings, emotional distress, and other areas that could cause damage. In some instances juries or judges can also award punitive damages in the event of the most egregious of conduct.

Your attorney will work with a team of experts witnesses to determine what occurred and define the accepted standard of care. They will go through your records and review the actions of the medical personnel that was present during your birth. This information can help build strong arguments and increase your chances for success.

Before bringing a suit, your lawyer will typically try to bargain with the malpractice insurer. This will involve submitting a demand package, that includes a report detailing your family’s losses, as well as medical evidence to support the claim. The malpractice insurance company will respond with an offer. If there is no settlement the case will proceed to trial.


The damages a plaintiff receives could be monetary (such as medical bills) or non-economic (such as suffering and pain). In many cases juries award both. The amount of the damages that a victim is awarded will be based on the extent to which the incident has affected their lives, as well as evidence of their past and future losses. Some states also set limits on how much an individual jury can award in non-economic damages.

To pursue compensation the plaintiff must prove that the defendant acted in breach of their duty of care. This is done by a combination of medical documents and expert witness testimony and depositions. Medical experts are those who are experts in a particular area of medicine. They scrutinize all evidence and may be able to testify in court, if needed. In birth injury attorney injury cases the expert will establish that the defendant’s actions were outside the standards of care expected of a medical professional of similar experience and training.

In addition to medical experts, attorneys will also interview anyone who has an interesting story or insight. These are sworn out-of-court statements that permit attorneys to ask witnesses directly about what transpired. Some depositions are conducted on the phone or through a video conferences, but the majority are held in a courtroom. These conversations can be difficult and stressful however they are crucial in establishing a strong argument and obtaining the best compensation for clients.

Statute of limitations

As in most states, New York requires that medical malpractice claims be filed within a specified time of limitations. Parents have a maximum of two and a quarter years to file a suit following the date of a wrongful act, omission, or omission they believe caused the injuries of their child.

Your attorney can review the medical records of your child to determine which obstetricians, nurses, and other hospital staff may have been involved in your daughter or son’s birth. The attorney can seek any relevant documents and other information that could help identify the cause of your child’s injuries.

In order to prove the negligence, your lawyer must establish that the defendant owed your child a obligation, and then breached it by failing to meet the standards of care in similar circumstances. To prove this, your attorney will work with medical experts to evaluate the medical professional’s actions with accepted practices and procedures.

An attorney can help you find witnesses who will be able to testify in your case. They can provide valuable insight into the decision-making process of a doctor and the way in which an error or omission caused the birth injuries of your child. Your lawyer can then utilize the evidence to support your claim for compensation. A successful medical malpractice case involves two separate legal claims one for the child who is injured and another for their parents.

Expert Witnesses

With the right support, families can obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost income from time away from work, rehabilitative treatments and therapies as well as the costs of long-term health care. The most important factor to win a birth-injury claim is having the most qualified expert witnesses on your side.

They can look over the evidence and give their professional opinion on whether a medical professional breached their obligation of care by taking an act that could have caused an infant’s injuries. They can also explain complicated medical terms to make them easier for judges or jury to comprehend.

The expert witness’s job is to provide an unbiased medical opinion that is reflective of the current knowledge at the time of the incident. This means that they should not exclude any relevant information to create a view that is more favorably disposed to either the plaintiff or the defendant.

Experts must also look over the relevant medical records as well as contemporaneous research with sufficient detail to enable them to form a sound opinion. In some cases experts may be required to make deposition (sworn out-of court statement). These sessions can be a bit intimidating but they are a crucial part of the preparation of for a trial. Your attorney can help you prepare for these sessions and ensure that you are treated fairly.

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