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A Birth Injury Attorney Success Story You'll Never Believe

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How to File a Birth Injury Lawsuit

Negligent mistakes by doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel during childbirth could lead to permanent birth injuries that need lifetime treatment and expensive medical care. A lawsuit could help pay these costs and hold accountable for the parties responsible.

An attorney will determine if negligence occurred by reviewing medical records and hiring experts. Experts will review medical evidence as well as deposition testimony.


Unexpected birth injuries can be very stressful for a family and can cost an enormous amount. They could require long-term medical treatment, medications, and assistive devices. The compensation from a successful lawsuit can provide the medical care they require for a better quality of life.

The amount of damages a plaintiff will receive in a successful lawsuit for birth injury is contingent upon the severity of the injuries and their impact on his or her life. Compensation is granted for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are tangible and objective forms of damages. They can include medical expenses and lost wages.

Non-economic damages, on other hand, are less quantifiable and are more subjective in nature. They can be characterized as pain and suffering, disfigurement as well as loss of enjoyment life, and more. Expert witnesses will provide evidence for the jury that will assist them in determining the type of case.

It is important to remember that in a lot of cases, the client and their attorney will reach a settlement instead of going to trial. This is due to trials being costly, time-consuming and risky for both sides. Settlements, on the contrary, allows both parties to avoid these risks and move forward with their lives. In addition, settlements generally award families with compensation much faster than a jury would.

Statute of limitations

Families require a lawyer on their side when there is medical malpractice. Lawyers can assist in the construction of an action by requesting medical records of the hospital or doctor that caused the birth injury. The documents should be requested as fast as you can to avoid being lost or altered.

An experienced attorney could also consult with medical experts to determine if the doctor or hospital performed their duties in the appropriate way given the circumstances. They will also determine whether the injury was caused by medical negligence or a mistake. To be successful in a medical malpractice lawsuit the plaintiff must show that the doctor acted in a manner that was contrary to the standards of care generally accepted for professionals of their type and field of expertise, and that the deviation directly caused the birth injury.

After the case has been established and substantiated, the attorney will send an appropriate demand form to the hospital’s or doctor’s malpractice insurance company. The demand will contain records and documents that support the claim. The insurance company will either accept the demand or issue an offer counter to it.

In these cases, victims may be awarded compensation for medical expenses as well as lost income, non-economic damages like pain and suffering or punitive damages in the event that the case is more grave. The court has to approve these damages if the case is going to trial. However, most of these cases are settled before trial. Trials can be stressful and dangerous for plaintiffs. Judges and juries give high verdicts in these cases.


It is important to begin the process of suing for birth injuries as soon as you are able. This will allow your lawyer to gather critical evidence and build a strong case for you. It can also prevent your medical provider in destroying or altering important documents.

Your attorney will obtain your child’s medical records and the medical records of everyone who was involved in the delivery of your child. They will also engage medical professionals to examine the records and determine the standard of care. Doctors are typically held to a higher degree of quality than generalists such as nurses, because they have specialized knowledge and training.

Your legal team and you will have to establish the four components of a medical malpractice case that include breach of duty, causation, and damages. You could receive the financial compensation you deserve for economic and non-economic damage depending on the quality of your case. In certain instances, a sloppy actions can warrant punitive damages which is intended to penalize defendants.

After analyzing the evidence, your attorney will negotiate with the defendants to try to settle. This is usually a less risky way to receive the compensation you require, but it might not be feasible in all cases. If you don’t reach an agreement your lawyer will prepare for trial. This will require taking depositions. These are sworn statements which can be described as an interview with an attorney.


It is imperative to consult with a birth injury lawyer as soon as you can after the child’s birth. A seasoned lawyer can examine medical records, call experts to testify and create an effective case capable of achieving maximum compensation. A majority of lawyers offer free consultations and case evaluations and there is no cost to speak with an attorney to get an evaluation of the possibility for an effective medical malpractice claim.

A successful birth injury claim rests on proving that the defendant was in breach of the duty of reasonable care. This is demonstrated by proving that the medical professional did not exercise the level of skill and caution which is expected of the profession under similar circumstances. Infractions to this standard can result in injury, illness or even death of the patient.

In most cases the plaintiff’s team will depose the doctors and other medical professionals who were involved in the birth of the injured child. These statements are made under oath, and they are considered to be evidence.

The defendants will usually attempt to settle the case in order to avoid the risk of a high verdict for medical negligence. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case could be scheduled for trial. The jury will decide the amount of compensation to be awarded to both the plaintiff and other parties involved in the case. This can include future and past medical expenses and home modifications, therapies sessions, and any other expenses relating to an injury to a child.

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