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5 Laws That'll Help The Best Clitoral Sex Toy Industry

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The Best Clito-Stimulating Sex Toys of 2018

This cute vibe is designed to delight the heart. It blends suction and vibration to create a strong sensation. It’s perfect for hands-free intimate sex with a partner or extra-intimate single-play.

The dildo toy comes with two heads that offer a variety of stimulation. One is a clitoral stimulator which fits all types and sizes of clitoris, while the other has the appearance of a tongue to provide G-spot pleasure.

SoDivine Pearl Vibe Suction and G-Spot Stimulator

This gorgeous plum-colored beauty from British brand SoDivine is an extravagant and orgasmic selection that will take your pleasure to new heights. It is designed to provide stimuli to the clitoral area, but features an internal G Spot stimulator, which targets the inner erogenous areas using pressure waves. The curved tip with a soft gel texture is ideal for exploring the hood of the clitoral. In addition, the internal massager gently entices and stimulates you and allows you to experience an euphoric blend. It comes with a variety of intensities and settings, plus 7 G-spot patterns for 21 ways to feel the vibrations and is simple to clean using water-based lubricant.

It’s not quite as discreet as the Lovehoney x Romp Switch and it can be quite loud at higher settings, but it’s a good option for anyone looking to begin with a powerful experience or prefers an expensive toy. It’s also a little more expensive than some of the other options on this list but it delivers premium results and is worth the cost to those who love of clitoral stimulation.

Wally Another excellent choice from an independent brand Thanks For Cumming is a smaller, but still a powerful toy for most users. It comes with eight settings and the initial ones are low-intensity, so you can build to the final climax without much effort. It’s also quiet, making it ideal for sexual sex in the bath or shower. And it’s super-easy to use, using just three simple buttons and a quick charge time that lets you keep dancing all night long.

The Poet

The Poet is a powerful suction toy that features a dynamic air pulse technology that recreates the sensations of intense oral sexual activity. It also combines aesthetics with ergonomic research and technology for an unforgettable experience. It comes with three lips that can be detached to create an intense kiss at clitoris. It offers a customizable experience by using squeeze sensors to adjust the intensity. Additionally, there is an unlock/lock function as well as five pre-programmed pulse modes for additional pleasure options.

The best sex toys for clit thing about this clitoral sex sex toy is that it’s designed for people who are new to the pleasures of a clitoral stimulator and also for those looking to take their orgasms to the next level through the exploration of erogenous pleasure. It is soft and flexible, with the shape that allows for a simple insertion. The clitoral tongue is gentle enough to provide sensual stimulation.

It also has a quiet sound, which is different from other models in the same class. This is crucial for those who share a home with a group of people or use the device in private spaces like the bathtub or shower, where other people can hear the sexually sexy vibrations.

The packaging of this toy is very romantic, and it includes a satin pouch, USB charger, product manual, and an instruction book on how to use the toy (in addition to a poem written by the brand’s co-founder). The toy’s LED lights up in blue when it’s charging or is fully charged. If the battery is running low, the LED will blink every three seconds.

Lelo Sona Cruise 2

This LELO clitoral vibration device is one of the most awaited new products available on the market. LELO Sona, a clitoral stimulator that makes use of cutting-edge sonic wave technology, is designed to provide you with mind-blowing stimulation without ever touching your skin. The sonic waves are able to stimulate all areas of your hood’s clitoral region and make this a one of the most powerful and satisfying clitoral stimulators on the market. The pulsation of the device is continuous however, when it is pressed against your body, it unleashes additional power to create sensations that will leave an impression that lasts.

The nozzle is designed in an inverse curve that fits perfectly into your hand, and is at the right angle to be placed over your clitoral zone. This can trigger sensations of intense pleasure. The soft silicone is comfortable against your skin and is easy to hold. The back of the vibration is an gold metallic plate that looks stunning and adds to the luxurious feel of this toy. It’s also easy to clean. Just run a little soap inside and out of the mouth while keeping water running. Make sure that you take all the soap out and shake it dry before placing it back in the pouch.

The Cruise 2 is waterproof and easy to clean. However it is also a bit messy to clean. Cruise 2 has a random pattern function that can change the intensity. This is enjoyable however it’s not as consistent as 8 different pulsing speeds.

Both the Sona and the Cruise come in sleek black boxes, Clitoral stimulators with crisp golden lettering that feels luxe. They also come with a drawstring pouch, a warranty card, and an example of the LELO lubricant as well as instructions.

Satisfyer Pro 2

This clitoral stimulater is designed to recreate the sensations of sexual stimulation. It makes use of air-pulse technology to create a tingling, suction-like pulse and pulsations that make you feel like someone sucking your clitoris. It’s extremely discreet, too with a soft silicone mouth that fits perfectly over your clit and creates an incredibly tight seal to enhance sensations. The addition of lubricant can boost the intensity even more.

The Satisfyer is easy to use and is the perfect first clitoral device for beginners. It doesn’t require any insertion or pressuring. Just press the round power button to turn it on and then place the mouth on your clitoris. Then, press the + and – buttons to determine the level of intensity that’s best vibrator clitoral for you (there are 11 different levels).

If you’re new to clitoral stimulation then start slow and move up the intensity until you feel comfortable. You can also combine the toy with a dildo or G-spot vibrator to make the experience more enjoyable. You can easily find orgasms using this toy by itself but, due to the unique combination of air-pulse and vibration stimulation.

The Satisfyer is water-resistant, and can be used in the shower or bath. It’s easy to clean: the silicone head pops off for cleaning, and you can use water and soap to wash it clean.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 and Pro 2+ are pretty alike in many waysthey both have 11 air-pulse settings, offer an textured silicone surface, are discrete and waterproof — the Plus model has a major difference: it comes with more vibration modes than the first toy. The Satisfyer Plush is a ideal choice for those who enjoy the sensations of sexual stimulation in the mouth but prefer something more subtle.

Eva II

This is the ideal solution for clitoral stimuli that are not requiring hands! The unique Eva II by Dame Products is a wearable toy that is both fun and efficient. It’s small enough to fit snuggly under the genital area without having to be placed in or held in place and it comes with an array of flexible “wings” on either side to secure the toy to the clitus. There are three vibration speeds to select from, and it’s easy to use thanks to a large on/off button at the top.

The wings can be placed under the labia to provide an ideal fit for women with sensitive or irritation to their genitals. But, it’s important to remember that everyone’s bodies fit Eva differently, so you might have to keep it in place or shift position a bit for the perfect fit. It’s also a good idea to test it several times before bringing your partner to make sure it’s a good fit for both of you.

The sex toys are compact enough to be used during sex. This makes them ideal for couples. The clitoral vibration can be used by itself or in conjunction with a dildo for greater the amount of penetration. It’s made of premium body-safe silicone that’s smooth and flexible, making it easy to clean and completely waterproof for a comfortable experience in the bath. And it comes with a sleek charging base as well as a travel case so you can take your pleasure wherever you go!

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