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20 Myths About Veterans Disability Compensation: Busted

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How a Veterans Disability Attorney Can Help You Get the Benefits You Deserve

The process of applying for benefits from montgomery veterans disability lawyer disability may be overwhelming. A good Edinburgh Veterans Disability Law Firm disability attorney can assist you from beginning to end.

It’s crucial to locate a lawyer that limits their law practice to disability cases and exclusively handles these cases at each level of appeal. This ensures that you’re getting the best representation.


When the VA refuses or fails to accept a claim, the spouse of the deceased or veteran can file an appeal. This is a lengthy and lengthy procedure that can be complicated even with the most basic disability claims. A veterans disability lawyer can assist you in understanding all your options and get the benefits you deserve.

The most common reason for people to file a claim for disability is that they are not satisfied with their disability rating. In this case, the lawyer can ensure that the evidence is sufficient to support a fair rating based on a debilitating condition that is caused or exacerbated by military service.

A lawyer for veterans may be needed by people who have not received their benefits. The lawyer can assist in determining the missing documents and submit a request the VA for the relevant records.

A veteran disability lawyer will also help you get rid of the burden of dealing directly with the VA. This will allow you to concentrate on your health and any other responsibilities that you may have. Some attorneys are veterans, and this can create an unmatched compassion for their clients. This can make a big difference in the outcome of the appeal.

Higher-Level Reviews

Veterans have more recourse options to appeal VA decisions if they do not agree. The Higher-Level Review is a decision review option that permits the senior reviewer to examine the same evidence that was presented in the original claim, and then make an additional decision regarding the case. The senior reviewer has the option to either affirm or reverse the previous rating.

A veteran or their agent may request an informal conference to discuss the case with the senior reviewer. However only one conference is allowed. For this meeting it is essential to prepare and present your case’s information clearly. A veteran disability attorney can assist you in preparing and participate in the informal conference.

Higher-level reviews can be used to correct mistakes by the earlier reviewer in the case of a disability claim which could include mistakenly interpreting evidence or committing errors in the law. Senior reviewers can correct these mistakes by changing the previous decision, but only when it is in the best interest of the claimant.

The more thorough review may result in a hearing for the claimant, which gives them the chance to speak with the person reviewing the claim and present their arguments. A lawyer for veterans disability can help determine whether it is required to request a personal hearing, and with preparation and presenting evidence at the hearing.

Notice of Disagreement

After the VA has examined your claim and reached an assessment, you may file a notice of disagreement within one year of the date when the local office sends you the initial denial letter. The VA will then review your claim once more and draft a Statement of Case.

You should make use of VA Form 21-0958 to file a notice of disagreement. An attorney for disabled people can help you complete the form in a way that is effective in contesting the decision. You don’t need to list every reason why you are not with the decision; however it is better to be specific so that the VA can understand exactly what you believe to be wrong. Your attorney can help you determine which evidence to include in the NOD. This could include statements from medical professionals, or results of diagnostic tests.

If your appeal is rejected at this stage, you have another chance to be reviewed by a senior reviewer in the form of a Higher-Level review. It could take as long as 25 months, and it is important to have your attorney at with you every step of the procedure. If the VA rejects your claim, your attorney can request an appeal before a Veterans Law judge to present evidence and testimony in person. Your attorney will draft your check when your claim is accepted.

Statement of the Case

Congress has passed numerous laws to ensure veterans receive compensation for injuries, illnesses and conditions they have suffered during their service. But, the VA is a huge bureaucracy that is easy to become lost in the system. A veteran disability lawyer can assist those seeking assistance navigate the system and offer the needed assistance.

Once a veteran has filed a Notice of Disagreement to his or her local VA office, the agency must conduct a review of the case. This involves examining the laws, regulations and evidence used to reach the initial decision. This includes looking over the medical records of the veteran and when necessary, lay statements. The VA must provide the applicant with a Statement of Case, that includes a list of evidence it has analyzed.

The statement should state clearly the reasoning behind the decision, as well as how it determined the law and regulations that impacted the case. It should address all the claims made by the plaintiff in the NOD.

The Statement of the Case is usually mailed to the veteran within 120 days of the date the NOD was filed. However due to the VA backlog it could delay the release of the document. If you’re a veteran appealing a decision on your rating or claim for benefits, please contact an attorney for veterans disability from Fusco, Brandenstein & Rada, P.C.

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