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15 Best Pinterest Boards To Pin On All Time About Gaming Loft Bed

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Cheap Loft Beds For Kids

Add a fun and functional feature to your child’s bedroom without spending a fortune. This budget-friendly bunk bed comes with a sturdy metal frame with guardrails, a ladder. It is also spacious enough to put up a table, an art table, or even a fort.

The slide-out desk is a great touch. It’s easy to put together and sturdy.

1. DHP Full Metal Loft with Ladder

If you’re a parent or homeowner with limited square footage loft beds can be a smart solution. They take up less space on the floor while giving plenty of space for other furniture like a desk or bookcase They’re particularly useful for kids’ rooms since they create an opportunity to come up with creative storage solutions. They also make it simple to clean and organize things like toys or other clutter by keeping everything away from view.

While lofted frames come in a variety of designs they are mostly made of materials that are tough enough to support the weight of a mattress and everything you put underneath. Look for ones made from strong and high-quality metal or wood. Some are even Greenguard Gold-certified This means that the product releases low levels of chemicals, according to Fenton.

This full metal loft bed from DHP is among the cheapest on our list. It is available in twin and full sizes, and has an inbuilt staircase that allows you to get in and out. It is built with a sturdy slat set that eliminates the need for a box spring, and it has an extra 59 inches of clearance beneath the bed. This is a great choice for kids who have outgrown their toddler bed, or for college students with a smaller room who want to save some space.

This full-sized loft bed from DHP is a good choice that is suitable for any tween or teen. It provides an impressive 59 inches of space under the bed and complies with all ASTM and CPC safety specifications. Some assembly is required, but you can build it in only a few hours with the help of a few tools as well as the included hardware. It’s also available in multiple colors to match your kiddo’s decor.

2. Wooden Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves

This twin loft bed is a fashionable combination of storage and study space that will complement any traditional design. The built-in desk can be used by kids to do their homework or make crafts. The stairs lead to a large bed with safety guardrails. With a mattress that is full size this loft bed that can be used for multiple purposes saves valuable floor space and eliminates the need for a box spring or bunkie board.

Pottery Barn has a great loft bed at a bargain price that is easy to spot and will match your decor. It’s simple and easy to match with any style and is ideal for those who live in a rented apartment or have small spaces for teenagers or children. It even features a large tabletop that can hold tablets, laptops, and much more.

Merax also has a low-cost loft with desk. It comes in a beautiful finish to complement any style and comes with the desk as well as a staircase, cabinets, and shelving units. The side drawers can be used to store things that children require quick access, like socks and t-shirts. They will also have plenty of room on the tabletop to do homework or for arts and crafts.

While this loft bed may not have the biggest free space under it but it’s plenty of space to accommodate a dresser or additional shelving unit if you’re looking for more storage options. It’s also ideal for younger children who aren’t ready to have a larger desk or additional storage for clothes because the drawers are comparatively small and don’t have enough space for toys or larger clothing items.

3. DHP Full Metal Loft with Stairs

If you are looking for a bunk bed that has the added benefit of extra storage, take a look at this model from DHP. This full metal loft bed frame has integrated stairs that can also be used as an bookcase. This innovative piece can be purchased in twin or full sizes, reducing space and adding style to any bedroom. The lower bunk is made of metal slats that help support the mattress which allows it to breathe and thus prolonging its lifespan. It is recommended to use a mattress that is no more than 9 inches thick; any more and the single top bunk mattress of the mattress could extend past the guard rail, posing danger to your safety.

Since it’s a loft bed it’s a great choice for kids and teens. However, adults can also sleep comfortably on it too if they don’t mind the lack of privacy. It is important to be aware of the weight limit on loft beds. It’s usually between 200 or 300 pounds, dependent on the size.

This full loft bed from Pottery Barn is another great option that is budget-friendly. It comes in two sizes and a variety of finish options, including a simple white and weathered charcoal. It’s 75.5 inches tall, which means there’s enough room for an office or a loveseat or any other kind of cozy seating arrangement.

It’s not a Bunk bed loft bed, but it’s the perfect solution for smaller rooms or a cramped apartment. The loft bed comes with an integrated L shape desk as well as a bookshelf and cubbies to store things. It is the ultimate multifunctional furniture piece without taking up a lot of space. It comes with an incredibly sturdy ladder, and the mattresses are secured with full-length guardrails. This loft bed is perfect for children or adults. It comes in one box that is easy to put together.

4. DHP Full Metal Loft Bed with Bookcase

Thinking vertically is an excellent way to maximize space. This loft bed comes with solid metal frames with plenty of storage, an easy-to-climb ladder, and upper guardrails to keep your teenager secure. It can be used with an entire mattress (sold separately and with a maximum of 6″ height). The 36.5″ clearance underneath the bed is ideal to store items, or as a comfortable place to study or hangout. It is available in a variety of designs to fit any style of bedroom.

Get a little Fergie-level *glamorouswith this loft bed’s sleek two-tone style. The white and gold look fresh and modern, while the solid frame and slats are constructed to last. It also comes with the benefit of being GREENGUARD Gold certified, so you can be sure that it’s free of chemicals and will not have a negative impact on the quality of your air.

Loft beds are ideal for rooms for children however, if you opt for smaller sizes they can also be used for adults. This bed from Pottery Barn is a great example, as it’s compact enough for even a small studio, but big enough to comfortably sleep in. It is available in weathered charcoal or white finishes that will blend into any decor. The sturdy construction will last for years.

Loft beds can be simple with a ladder, a frame and slats. However, more elaborate loft beds have storage areas, multiple ladders, decorative finishes and other details. Think about who will be using the loft and their weight, as well as whether or not they’ll be expanding while you shop to determine the level of sophistication that is right for you. The most affordable loft beds come with sturdy frames that can hold mattresses and safeguard children and teens with built-in security features like guardrails and ladders.

5. Wooden Loft Bed with Desk and Shelves

This loft bed has more than just sleeping space. The built-in desk is ideal for teenagers and children to do their homework, arts and craft or even to study. Besides the four dresser drawers, five storage cubbies, and a pull-out desk, it also comes with a staircase that has a wide platform and tall guard rails to ensure that climbing is safe. The loft bed’s 68″ height provides ample space to work from to set up a desk. The solid wood construction and square framing make it easy to match with any decor. It’s compatible with twin or full-sized mattresses and does not require the use of a box spring.

This modern loft bed with desk features a clean and minimal design that will blend in with any decor style. It’s ideal for a small room, as it makes more space for an office or play space. It comes with a slat kit as well as a ladder and guardrails that do not require the use of a box spring. It is available in a espresso or white finish.

The trundle beneath the loft bed can be used to store extra bedding, such as sheets, blankets and pillows. It can also be used to store other essentials for the bedroom like books, clothes and toys. You can also use the drawers to store lost items like socks and underwear.

This loft bed would be perfect for a bedroom with a child. The guardrails and stairs can be set on either side of the bed, ensuring that you don’t need to worry about your child falling. It’s constructed of heavy-duty pine and MDF and its slat-kit design means it doesn’t require a box spring. You can pick gray or white finishes to match your room’s color scheme.

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