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10 Sites To Help You Become An Expert In Birth Defect Legal

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Birth Defect Attorneys

If you have a child with a birth defect that was caused by negligence or carelessness, you are entitled to compensation. These damages can include medical expenses, lost income and punitive damages in certain cases.

A Pompano Beach injury attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation to pay for your child’s injuries and future medical expenses. Birth defects are often caused by medical malpractice or defective drugs, as well as toxic exposure.

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals who look after your children could have a significant impact on the future of your family. If they make mistakes that lead to birth injuries or defects that could lead to years of financial challenges and an entire lifetime of physical and emotional struggles for your infant.

Birth injury lawyers can help you in filing a claim to recover compensation against the people accountable for your child’s medical issues. It could be a doctor, hospital, or something that happened prior to your child’s birth. A Queens birth defect attorney can analyze your case, give useful information, and connect with medical experts who will review the evidence.

A doctor may make a mistake which leads to a birth deformity for instance, the prescription of medication which increased the risk of developing the condition or if he was unable to carry out certain screenings and tests during pregnancy. These are examples of medical negligence that could be cause for an action. If your child has a birth defect that you believe was due to an error by a doctor you are entitled to compensation to cover future and past expenses related to your child’s medical treatment. A successful lawsuit could compensate you for the loss of income, emotional distress and other losses which you’ve suffered.

Defective Drugs

Prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, chemical exposure at home or at work and environmental hazards are all causes of many birth defects. Unfortunately, these medical issues can be very costly. Parents often wonder why their child’s condition occurred and where to turn as bills pile up for costly treatments and procedures.

Drug manufacturers must test their products thoroughly before they sell their products, and are expected to anticipate any potential side effects. If they fail to meet this requirement and are found to be negligent, they could be liable for product liability lawsuits brought by affected consumers. A birth defect lawyer can help determine if a defective drug is the reason for the health issues of your child.

If you think that your child’s birth defect is due to a particular drug start by recording your symptoms and keeping the medicine packaging and receipts. It is also important to record the date when you first noticed symptoms in your child. This is essential to determining the time limit to file a claim.

You have a year to file a suit in the event that your child was exposed to some toxic substance that caused the condition. A skilled birth defect attorney can help you create an effective case and make sure that your child’s rights are secured. They can also provide you with the financial assistance you require to cover the cost of treatment.

Exposure to toxic substances

Birth defects are serious illnesses that change the structure of one or more components of the body of a newborn. Environmental toxins, the side-effects of certain medications genetic or chromosomal disorders and other factors may cause birth defects.

Levy Konigsberg LLP’s team is committed to helping families understand the causes of birth defects and how they can pursue compensation from the parties responsible. Our attorneys collaborate with a group of medical experts to determine if an individual birth defect is caused by exposure to chemicals or other environmental factors.

Senior trial lawyer David Strouss is a leader in birth defect litigation, and has been able to defend clients against large corporations that have exposed the children to harmful chemicals. He has handled thousands of cases in the United States and around the globe. He was the prosecutor in some of the first birth defect lawsuits that involved glycol ether and other solvent exposures in semiconductor manufacturing as well as in the agricultural industries; pesticide sprays or drift exposures by crop dusters, and exposure to heavy-metals like lead.

Victoria Phillips focuses on complex product liability litigation and birth defect lawsuit defect cases. She graduated magna cum laude from Williams College and from Columbia Law School. Before joining the firm, she worked as an Assistant District Attorney at Manhattan’s District Attorney’s Office. She has recovered millions of dollars in settlements for clients and is an expert in all types litigation, including mass tort and class action claims.

Product Liability

Birth injuries and defects still occur despite the fact that medical technology has greatly decreased the risk of pregnancy. These issues can have a major impact on the quality of life for babies and their parents.

While many birth defects and injuries result from environmental or genetic causes, they can also result from the negligence of health professionals during pregnancy or during the delivery. These errors can include prescribing incorrect medications or not checking the mother for signs of damage to her prenatal body.

The distinction between a birth injury and a birth defect can be confusing. Birth injuries happen during labor and birth. Birth defects, however, are created during the womb. They can have a long-lasting impact on the fetus’s overall body structure and function.

If a baby is born with a birth defect because of someone else’s negligence act or inability to act and act accordingly, the child may be entitled to compensation. The compensation is paid to the victim and is placed in trust for the child.

At Phillips & Paolicelli, our Queens birth defect lawyers focus on the environmental causes of these disorders and work with a nationwide network of lawyers to investigate claims of exposure to teratogen chemical which are associated with developmental delays, congenital disabilities and other serious birth defects. Our managing partner Diane Paolicelli has dedicated her 30-year legal career to vindicating women exposed to mercury, arsenic, and other toxic heavy metals and chemicals that cause reproductive issues and birth defects in children.

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